About College Rifles

In the year 1897 a military unit was formed, the original members of which were recruited from Secondary Schools around Auckland.

The coat of arms which was adopted, took the form of a Maltese Cross, in which was embodied the lion of the Auckland Grammar School, the crown of King's College and the three stars of St John's College. Hence the name of "College Rifles".

Colonel C.T. Major, C.B.E., D.S.O., V.D. was the organiser, and within a very short space of time he had a unit that was to make an enviable name for itself in the field of military affairs. On the 14th July, 1897, members of the Volunteer Corps met and decided to form the College Rifles Rugby Football Club.

College Rifles Rugby Club now provides playing opportunities for senior and junior members along with a raft of other sports that encourage young, and not so young, to compete, learn new skills, and come together as a community.