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College Rifles Rugby Football Club was founded in 1897. We are proud to be a community based club, with a large and diverse membership of all ages, based in the Eastern Bays of Auckland.

For over 113 years College Rifles has fostered local sporting activities and provided its broad based community with an excellent club environment.

We believe that the longevity and success of the club has been aided by the focus on the grassroots, or younger members, of the club. The club actively encourages young people to join and the benefits in this regard are to:
Meet new people
  • Retain a good level of health and fitness
  • Learn the importance of fair play within a competitive team atmosphere
  • Actively participate in a sporting code
  • Encourage hardworking ethics and commitment
  • Learn that hard work and practice produces positive results
  • Learn and experience the joy and comradeship of being in a team that sets goals and strives to achieve them.

The club spirit embraces the whole family and local community. Examples of this are:

The ANZAC parade, which formally recognises the sacrifices made by soldiers (members of College Rifles) during three wars, and encourages young people to learn about, and respect New Zealand’s history

Festival weekends, such as Grandparents day, where all College Rifles junior teams play at our club with after match social functions including all of the family members

Introduction of summer league Junior Touch on Friday afternoons.

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